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Come unplug your mind from the rest of the world and enjoy life as it was meant to be. Pura Vida!

Costa Rica, where you can enjoy stunning tropical beaches, adventure in the nature and the best waves for surfing all year long, all the necessary for an ideal vacation. No wonder, that thousands of tourists have made Costa Rica their top destination and travel choice.

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Costa Rica - Dream and Reality

Republic of Costa Rica is a country in South and Central America with Nicaragua bordering the north eastern Caribbean Sea, Panama in the south - east, west and south Pacific - West. Costa Rica differs from other countries in Central America and Latin America in general, that it is democratic and stable for decades, a relatively strong financial situation. Costa Rica is a country of welcoming tourists, a country with the early landscapes, with enormous wealth of flora and fauna, unique to this region part!

Costa Rica is famous in her area mainly because it is a stable democracy, that is is much more peaceful and safe countries nearby. Compared with other countries in America, even where there was little sign of her surroundings and relatively ancient culture has a more Western influence. She keeps a very natural assets and the area is relatively easy to walk him without harming the environment.
Costa Rica has a very special tourist sites, for example, "Lleringeon della conversation - Rincón de la Vieja" Tourists come to bathe in hot springs and mud pools, "Monte Verde - Monteverde" to see the famous cloud forest trees on the clouds gathering in the form of precipitation at various life range of wildlife, "Abtortugoro-tortuga island" Every year tourists come to expect tens of thousands of sea turtles who come to the laying season, and more.
In addition, Costa Rica has a lot of national parks with a variety of hiking trails.

Costa Rica offers fishing possibilities, scuba diving, boating, Akiiakym and more. Spread along the shores of the Pacific, there are luxury resorts browsing sites. Spread along the shores of the Caribbean have parks and nature reserves.
Costa Rica enjoys a spring weather all year round. In most areas of the country the rainy season lasts from May to November dry season lasts from December to April. The average temperature in the heart of the valley (Meseta Central) about 22 degrees Celsius. Coastal temperatures range from 21 to 30 degrees.
Thanks to the special climatic conditions, Costa Rica is blessed with a huge variety of species of plants and animals.
The official language is Spanish, but many speak English.
Costa Rica's cuisine is based on the delicious beef, chicken and fish with an addition of rice, corn or beans, and lots of fresh fruit.

Costa Rica is divided into seven districts Monicipalim: San Jose, Alhuuelah (Alajuela), Carthage (Cartago), roses (Heredia), Giwanexta Guanacaste, Pontaarnas (Puntarenas) and Lemon (Limón).
Costa Rica is the capital of San Jose San Jose into neighboring regions are the: Alahuelah Bardia located in the valley (Meseta Central) is home to two-thirds of the fertile local population.
Pacific coastline (1.103 km) much more narrow shoreline Caribbean (stretching along 255 miles), but the coastal strips are characterized by two beautiful beaches with white sands and black.
Area: 51 100 sq km
Population: approximately -4.1339 million people
Capital: San Jose
Language: Spanish, English and local dialects
Religion: Catholic 76.3%, 15.7% Protestant and the rest members of other religions
Regime: democratic republic
Currency: Costa Rican Colon (CRC)
Time: GMT - 6 Hours
Electricity: 110V 60Hz
Calling Code: 506 +

As we know everyone has a great influx of tourists to Costa Rica, sea waves of people addicted to volcanoes landscapes and animals.
And here comes the idea of a perfect vacation that Costa is a place to do it the best vacation that can be - in waves, landscapes, food, parties and lots of beautiful people all over the world.
One of the most charming places is a village called Santa Teresa - El Pais ", a great place in recent years has become the number one site in Costa Rica, all this thanks to the amazing location of the place and the waves year-round constant. The beach is the only stretch of beach in Costa Rica you can see white sand (most of the black sand beaches) a lot of shells and of course beautiful people all over the world.
Santa Teresa you will find everything you need for a normal life and all who are used, including restaurants, computer equipment, literature, writer, browsing shops, etc..
In conclusion, Costa Rica - Santa Teresa, a very good idea to browse the perfect vacation, a place full of good nature in a breathtaking course perfect waves all year round.
So you'll have a delightful and charming holiday and most importantly take care and the environment to always be able to continue pleasures of nature

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Please contact us to coordinate the transfer service and we will gladly serve you.
The fastest way to get here from San Jose is flying from San Jose Airport to Tambor.
Duration of the flight is 20 minutes. From Tambor to Santa Teresa it is about 40 minutes drive.




Sansa http://www.flysansa.com | Phone: (506) 2290- 4100
Nature Air http://www.natureair.com | Phone: (506) 2299-6000




  • If you are planning to get here with a car from San Jose (we recommend 4x4), you drive to the city of Puntarenas, from there, crossing the Gulf of Nicoya by ferry direction to Paquera.
  • For the Ferry schedules call here: 2661-2084 (english and spanish spoken).
  • From Paquera drive on to Cobano and then straight to Santa Teresa / Malpais.
  • The whole trip from San Jose to Santa Teresa takes around 5 hours.
  • There is also the option of taking a taxi straight from San Jose or the public bus.
  • For schedules of the direct busses from/to San Jose call (506) 2642- 0219 or (506) 2221- 7479.